Rock. Paper. Spark

  1. Isn’t it Sweet?

    We will be debuting our Cupcake stool at Neocon. Try it out for yourself at our Booth 8-7050. We’ll be celebrating with free cupcakes too. Get one while they’re hot.

    Designed by: Valerie Schmieder, Scott Sikkema, Matthew Maher

    6/8/2011 sparkeology
  2. Show-off Phil

    You may call Phil a bit of a show-off, but all he really wants to do is make you look good. Fill him with books or magazines; add a chalkboard, whiteboard or tackboard insert; or customize him with your own printed graphic. However you use him he’ll keep it all polished and pulled together. Have something special in mind? Contact us to figure it out together!

    3/31/2011 sparkeology
  3. Wally says it all.

    How do you say welcome, share your promotions, pass on information or point people in the right direction? We let Wally do it all. This scalable, portable reusable system breaks the mold for traditional signage. Wally allows you to create large scale images by slipping double sided wirebound panels or booklets over the arms of the framework.

    One Wally is perfect to greet your guests and help them find their way. Two Wallys make great event graphics to advertise or educate. Group four or five together to create free standing graphic wall.

    3/23/2011 sparkeology
  4. Spark Possibilities

    The possibilities are endless with Sparkeology. We have created nine great products that work and play around you and your lifestyle. With so many compatible options to choose from it couldn’t be simpler to say welcome, sit down and put up your feet.

    Here are just a few options we created. Whether you are looking to relax by yourself, work as a group, or share a cup of coffee with a friend - a quick switch of pieces can make it all possible. Check out more of our configurations or create your own with our CAD symbols located on each of our product pages.

    1/28/2011 sparkeology
  5. Wally at ArtPrize

    When thousands of visitors lined up to register for ArtPrize 2010, one of the first creations they saw was Sparkeology’s latest product. Because Wally is freestanding and easy to move, it’s compatible with a variety of settings – a feature that came in handy for eight very different ArtPrize locations. “We’re always looking for distinct signage that’s different from the typical banner on a wall or poster on an easel. The moment we saw Sparkeology’s Wally, we knew we’d use it. We look forward to playing with it more in the future.” Paul Moore, Communication and Marketing Director for ArtPrize

    10/7/2010 sparkeology

We are a team that has found a different way of looking at things. It all starts with a conversation helping you find the perfect solution for furnishing public spaces. Wherever people gather to meet, study, work research or surf, conditions are prime for Sparkeology.


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