Rock. Paper. Spark

  1. Stamp of Approval

    Love these stamps! Pioneers of American Industrial Design stamps from the U.S. Postal Service, honoring 12 of the nation’s most important and influential industrial designers. These have rekindled our love of mail!

    7/26/2011 sparkeology
  2. Sofia - 3rings Blog Post

    “…this snow white seating unit is a dream come true.” - We love this compliment & article from Sonja Hall in her 3rings - Designer Pages blog post featuring Sofia and Sparkeology! Thanks for the kind words!!

    7/20/2011 sparkeology
  3. Phil in the Limelight

    See Phil featured as one of the editors’ picks in Interior Design Magazine Market Tabloid!

    7/18/2011 sparkeology
  4. Storage from A to Z!

    Alphabet Drawers from Kent and London! Love it!

    7/13/2011 sparkeology
  5. Noteworthy Neighbor

    How wonderful to find Design Sponge featured our neighbor Grand Rapids, MI in their City section. What a wonderful guide they have created featuring some of the best things Grand Rapids has to offer. Being only 20 minutes from our factory we share in the delight and pride of this fantastic city! Well done Design Sponge.

    7/11/2011 sparkeology
  6. Classy Pete at Aviary - Chicago

    Pete is embracing the good life at Aviary - a cocktail lounge neighboring Next Restaurant . We think he looks debonair with his black base & custom granite top. See him for yourself at 955 W. Fulton Market, Chicago, IL
    More Photos - Chicago Metromix
    Project designed by: Tom Stringer Design Partners

    7/7/2011 sparkeology
  7. Sparked the Big Easy

    Sparkeology was jazzed to exhibit at the ALA (American Library Association) Summer Conference in New Orleans! And in true Sparkeology style we sparked the city & sights while we were there!

    7/1/2011 sparkeology
  8. Now that is Sweet!

    Andrea Henderson, SpaceSays - the winner of our NeoCon 2011 Tweet for a Treat Contest, sent us this sweet little note & picture via Twitter. “Titus is loving the new cupcake stool! Thanks @Sparkeology! “
    What a face! We love it. Thanks for sharing Andrea!

    7/1/2011 sparkeology

We are a team that has found a different way of looking at things. It all starts with a conversation helping you find the perfect solution for furnishing public spaces. Wherever people gather to meet, study, work research or surf, conditions are prime for Sparkeology.


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