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  1. Tweet Something Sweet

    We are holding a contest. Tweet something sweet @Sparkeology from May 15 -June 15, 2011, and we’ll automatically enter your name for a chance to win our new Cupcake stool.

    Stop by Booth 8-7050 at NeoCon to see all six of our sweet new products and get a real cupcake, too.

    Winner will be announced Wednesday, June 15. Winner need not be present (though we’d love to see you). Prize will be shipped following NeoCon.

    Good luck!

    5/19/2011 sparkeology

We are a team that has found a different way of looking at things. It all starts with a conversation helping you find the perfect solution for furnishing public spaces. Wherever people gather to meet, study, work research or surf, conditions are prime for Sparkeology.


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